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Engine of Fate (Beta)

The 9th Age Advanced Combat Simulator

Available Tools

  • Army List Design Tool - Free
  • Combat Simulator - Beta is Free

Coming soon

  • Play Instructions
  • Character Design Tool
  • Weapon Design tool
  • Item Design Tool

Engine of Fate is compatible with The 9th Age v1.3.5.

Available Armies

Army List
Beast Herds
Daemon Legions
Dread Elves
Dwarven Holds
Empire of Sonnstahl
Highborn Elves
Infernal Dwarves
Kingdom of Equitaine
Ogre Khans
Orcs and Goblins
Saurian Ancients
Sylvan Elves
The Vermin Swarm
Undying Dynasties
Vampire Covenant
Warriors of the Dark Gods

Read more about army availability and what is supported here.

Last updated: 2018-01-08 18:33
Current version: 0.9-SNAPSHOT

Latest updates

T9A 2.0 Beta - Progress Report

Published 17-1-2018

Work on adding support for army list design with the new 2.0 beta army books is well under way.

Data for the first 8 of the armies has mostly been modelled and work on integrating the new data layout is about to start. Provided no major unforseen problems arise then the expectation is to open up for access at the end of January.

Corsairs, Poisons and Banners

Published 8-1-2018

While work continues on adding the new 2.0-beta army books to Engine of Fate a couple of of issues have been fixed.

An awesome user reported 3 issues, that have now all been fixed:
- Corsairs did not have access to upgrade to have vanguard, this has been fixed, including a validation warning in case there are more corsair units with vanguard than fleet commanders.
- Armies with two or more magical banners would incorrectly get validation warnings saying that one of the banners was duplicated. This has been fixed.
- Dread Elves Assassins master poisoner upgrades were not listed in the model description in the print or otherwise, including any poison choice. This has been fixed.

The 9th Age version 2.0 - Road Map

Published 7-12-2017

Yesterday the news broke that T9A version 2.0 (beta) will be released in the week leading up to Christmas, and I am very excited!

You can head over to T9A and read the full story here: https://www.the-ninth-age.com/news/index.php?news/667-when-will-the-ninth-age-second-edition-beta-be-released/

This means changes must happen here on Engine of Fate, to support version 2.0.

First of all the current version 1.35 will enter a support mode only, so that only critical issues will be fixed. No new features will be added unfortunately.

3 large tasks then need to be dealt with:
- 16 "new" army books must be modelled and the army design tool adjustedto support all the new things in 2.0
- A new 2.0 Combat Simulator must be made
- And finally a way for 1.35 and 2.0 to to live side by side on Engine of Fate must be found.

I have no inside information or head start with respect to 2.0, so this work can only start after Christmas.

The plan for now is to add the army books to the army design tool and then create the new combat simulator.

Engine of Fate is an IT-adaptation of the rule system from the "The 9th Age" and is therefore subject to the license provided by the "The 9th Age" under commercial terms. Engine of Fate is not affiliated with or partner with T9A. For more information please see The 9th Age license. The terms of use for Engine of Fate can be found here.