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The 9th Age Advanced Combat Simulator

Available Tools

  • Army List Design Tool - Free
  • Combat Simulator - Beta is Free

Coming soon

  • Play Instructions
  • Character Design Tool
  • Weapon Design tool
  • Item Design Tool

Engine of Fate is compatible with The 9th Age v1.3.5.

Available Armies

Army List
Beast Herds
Daemon Legions
Dread Elves
Dwarven Holds
Empire of Sonnstahl
Highborn Elves
Infernal Dwarves
Kingdom of Equitaine
Ogre Khans
Orcs and Goblins
Saurian Ancients
Sylvan Elves
The Vermin Swarm
Undying Dynasties
Vampire Covenant
Warriors of the Dark Gods

Read more about army availability and what is supported here.

Last updated: 2017-09-25 20:08
Current version: 0.8-SNAPSHOT

Latest updates

Kingdom of Equitaine - The Beginning of the End

Published 25-9-2017

A few first things for Kingdom of Equitaine are now supported with respect to combat simulations;

- Dragon Lance
- Wafers of Penitence
- The Virtue Renown

Also an interaction issue between Beastherds Gortachs Strength from Flesh special rule and Ogre Khans Stone Skin special rule has been fixed.

Caimans, Warhounds, Barbarian Horsemen and more

Published 21-9-2017

Todays update fixes the following issues:

- Caimans in Skink Braves units are now included in the army list print.
- Mad Gits in Cave Goblin units are now included in the army list print.
- Barbarian Horsemen and Warhounds from WotDG now count as core when the model count is 8 or greater.


Published 20-9-2017

A couple of fixes have been made;

- Mithril Mail was incorrectly restricted to models with troop type Infantry, rather than to "models on foot", this has been fixed.
- Adding a scrapling foreman to a unit of Scraplings was priced per model in the unit rather than once per unit. This has been fixed.
- The print did not include model descriptions for Shady Gits or Scrapling Foreman when these were included in units. This has been fixed.

Engine of Fate is an IT-adaptation of the rule system from the "The 9th Age" and is therefore subject to the license provided by the "The 9th Age" under commercial terms. Engine of Fate is not affiliated with or partner with T9A. For more information please see The 9th Age license. The terms of use for Engine of Fate can be found here.