Error Reporting

When you have experienced an error or found an issue while using Engine of Fate you can help us improve things, by reporting the error below.

Please help us by including the name of the unit, character or character mount, magical item, weapon, or armour that is involved in the problem and describe the issue.

A great error report for instance could state: Cave Goblins from Orcs and Goblins should not have strength 10, but strength 3.

Once your report is submitted we will then have a look at it as soon as possible to determine the severity of the issue, and plan for it to be fixed as quickly as possible. We will try and keep you up to date on the progress of solving the issue you have reported.

Thanks in Advance.

Engine of Fate is an IT-adaptation of the rule system from the "The 9th Age" and is therefore subject to the license provided by the "The 9th Age" under commercial terms. Engine of Fate is not affiliated with or partner with T9A. For more information please see The 9th Age license. The terms of use for Engine of Fate can be found here.