What is Engine of Fate?

Engine of Fate is an army list design and combat simulation tool for the game The 9th Age. For more detailed information about The 9th Age please visit the official website here.

I have found an error, what should I do?

Please help us by reporting the error or issue you have found here, thanks in advance.

How exact are the results of combat simulation?

The probabilities generated from a combat simulation adds up to 100%.

However some very minor rounding errors will always be present, and in some cases we hide extremely improbable outcomes, we do this for instance for the number of wounds dealt. The probabilities are calculated exactly, this means that no "dice" are being rolled behind the scenes, so the reported probabilities from a simulation will stay the same every time.

In a given combat I might have choices, such as whether to use a breath weapon, whom to attack etc. how does the simulation engine handle that?

The assumption for the simulation is that both players will do everything possible to destroy the opposing unit, or alternatively win by combat score. This means that one time effects such as breath weapons will be used as soon as possible, and all attacks will be directed against the R&F models of the unit.

We expect to be able to add strategy options for whether or not to use for instance a breath weapon, to use impact hits or grinding attacks, the mode for a Soothsayer staff etc. relatively soon.

Will multiple rounds of combat be supported?

Yes. We are expecting to add results for multiple rounds of combat soon.

Will characters joining units be supported?

Yes, joining characters to units will soon be supported.

Will more than 2 units in the same combat be supported?

We expect to add this feature, but other features are being prioritized for now.

Will flank and rear charges be supported.

Yes very soon.

Will effects from spells be supported?

Yes, this is a feature that we plan to add relatively soon.

Will terrain effects be added, such as charging across dangerous terrain, walls etc?

Yes, however we are prioritizing other features and fixing bugs right now.

When will the remaining unsupported armies be added?

As soon as possible! The expectation is to add the armies in the following order: Vampire Covenant and at the final army Kingdom of Equitaine.

Will simulating shooting only be possible in the future?

Yes this is also on the list of features that we want to support, but for now we are focusing on adding the remaining armies and fixing all close combat related issues first.

Will there be some kind of magic phase simulation engine?

Maybe. The magic phase is difficult to model in a meaningful way because what is really interesting is how to best spend the dice in the power pool, which involves knowing your opponents intentions.

Is there a list of unsupported rules, effects items, models etc?

Have a look here for unsupported stuff.

Engine of Fate is an IT-adaptation of the rule system from the "The 9th Age" and is therefore subject to the license provided by the "The 9th Age" under commercial terms. Engine of Fate is not affiliated with or partner with T9A. For more information please see The 9th Age license. The terms of use for Engine of Fate can be found here.